I joined Teens Tell Their Story. And I’m really late, but I guess you could say I’m fashionably late. 😉

This weeks topic is school, and really for a while I was stumped on what to write. 1.) Because I like school, and I really can’t complain. It gives a sense of structure to my life. And 2.) I’m homeschooled and I have never set foot in a public school building. (I actually have. Just not for school.)

So it came to me in the middle of the day while emailing Elm that I would do a post on being homeschooled. (Genius, right?)

1.) I get to sleep in later.

My parents rule is as long as you get your school done, you can sleep in. I mean it’s not like I sleep till noon, just until seven or eight, which is later than most public schools.

2.) I can wear my pajamas ALL day.

Yes! I believe this is the best benefit. I love being able to just do school in my PJs. I mean I guess you could go to school in your pajamas, but that would look quite interesting.

But there are also some crazy ideas about homeschoolers.

1.) We are antisocial creatures…

Whatever. We probably have better social lives than most people. We have co-ops, clubs, sports, and dances.

2.) We are all smart.

I am LIVING proof that not every homeschooler is smart. I mean, you will meet the geniuses but most of us are average Joes.

And that wasn’t as long as I thought it would be…oh well.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out Sherina and Caitlyn’s blogs. They so sweet and wonderful!


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