This One’s For Sunny

Sunny. For y’all who have not the privilege of meeting my bestie, check out her blog.

Sunny is just what her alias makes you assume. Sunshine in a bottle. Happy and bubbly.

But then at other times she is caring, understanding, with a touch of melancholy.

So this one is for her…

Hey Sunny!

You remember that time you rudely interrupted my Drama monologue? Or the other time where we danced to Shut Up and Dance? There is no other way to listen to it–you can’t sit still, you have to move. How about the time you asked that random guy to dance with me and then I got you back by asking a different random stranger to dance with you?

I bet you do.

Because they’re unforgettable. They’re apart of us. Etched into our lives.

We’ve matured over the summer. I don’t know quite how it happened–I thought I would see myself mature, but I didn’t. I blinked and life was different. I was different–you were different. We know more. We’ve seen more. But somehow…we’ve managed not to fall apart.

Because we have the hilarious moments and we have the utterly sad moments that give the deep reds ;). But we deal with them together.

You’re the blonde to my brunette.

Your kindred spirit,



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