Taking Stock

I’m ‘taking stock’ because it looks like fun so here goes nothing. 🙂

Making: Coffee.

Cooking: Nothing. I’m not at my culinary best.

Drinking: Water and coffee.

Reading: We Were Liars. And rereading The Book Thief.

Wanting: To visit Barnes and Noble.

Looking: Out the window and at the computer screen.

Playing: Blocks with my little brother.

Deciding: If I want to watch any TV or write after I finish this.

Wishing: That I could live in Scotland and finish my book.

Enjoying: The sound of the keyboard (it really comforts me.)

Waiting: For more stickers to come in the mail.

Liking: Twenty-One Pilots. I have been listening to the album on repeat for weeks.

Wondering: Why water tastes so good. And how I can never pinpoint the taste, it just tastes refreshing.

Loving: Pinterest and Ed Sherran. Gosh, he is an angel.

Pondering: If there is some way to get to Narnia…but I’m always wondering bout that.

Watching: Gilmore Girls, American’s Got Talent (I know, I know…), and every episode of Dateline and 48 Hours I can handle.

Hoping: That people will like this post.

Marveling: At that it’s not raining because it has been nonstop for a while. And surprisingly it’s not really muggy.

Needing: A new book. I’m tired of rereading.

Smelling: Nothing…I have no sense of smell.

Wearing: PJs. My Drama shirt and plaid shorts.

Thinking: That I should make more coffee because I just drank it. 😛

Admiring: All my favorite writers. How do they sound so amazing?

Sorting: Nothing. I don’t sort.

Getting: Stickers. It really is a problem and I promise I’ll do a long post on it.

Disliking: School and life and boys and math and studying.

Giggling: At Good Mythical Morning and watching them eat all that gross food. I find it so entertaining.

 Feeling: Bored. I’m bored with school and I missed a picnic.

Wishing: That I could see my best friend. I miss her ❤

Helping: No one. I’m a bad human being.

And that’s it. I hope you made it to the end.


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