The Reason Why I Write

Quite lovely isn’t it?

to kill a college kid

My speaking is a blubbering mess. I think faster than I talk, my mind is an interstate highway, and tangents are my status quo. I pause, stutter, and stumble so much to the point where I’ll think I have a problem. Words are always blocked in my brain and my vocabulary isn’t extensive. Despite the amount of it I do, I hate talking.

On paper, I’m much better. On paper, no one sees my pauses, my stutters, my stumbles, my failure to pronounce a word. No one has to endure my tangents (though sometimes I’ll even do that on paper) and no one will see how bad I am at speaking. I feel like writing releases me from my hesitant mouth, and what I say will always flow seamlessly. When I write, I can visually see what I’m saying.

Writing is physical. When you write, that’s putting your thoughts on…

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