This One’s For Canoli.

I just love her. Canoli, as I call her here is one of my best friends. It’s quite odd actually how we’re friends. She loves makeup, I think it is a hassle. I love Lord of The Rings, she thinks it’s long and horrible. She’s edgy and courageous, I’m classic and timid. We like different foods. We play different games. And we’re left asking each other, “Why are we best friends?”

Because not only are best friends, we’re sisters. Sister-Friends. That is actually what we call each other. Sister-Friends. (Gilmore Girls reference for all the uncultured people reading this. 😉 )

She accepts who I am. I accept who she is.

So here goes nothing.

Dear Canoli,

Thank you for loving me through our differences. Through my flaws.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given me–the movie marathons, crying over Gilmore Girls, riding stolen (from our sisters, I still felt like a criminal though) bicycles through rain puddles, looking at fashion magazines seeing what celebrities we knew, taking those quizzes that ‘determine’ your destiny, for trying that Jurassic World soda that in my mind is superior to all other sodas, running around the mall with me, standing my old crush even though he annoyed you, and for not letting some guy (you know who…) crush my dreams.

You stand up for me, you make me come out of my comfort zone, you make me try stupid things that turn out alright, and I don’t think I can describe how much you mean to me. You may be younger than me, but you have more guts and kindness than anyone–though you hide it very well under that sassiness.

So stay young, wild, and free. Because I love you! ❤

Your Sister-Friend,



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