What Was I Thinking?!

I was cleaning out my desk getting ready for school when I stumbled across some notebooks filled with notes. That is what you would expect from a notebook, but I just filled them with random thoughts. I thought I’d share some.

“Run readily, read rashly, rant rarely.” (What?)

“Blood drips from my head, no one is here to help. I scream but no one comes.” (A reference to math?)

“Thomas the Train will be the death of me–brainwashing little boys.” (…I agree with you younger Liv…)

“They peer at your personality, seeing your abnormalities.”

“I wanna pull a Benjamin Button where I can die as a baby.” (No, no you do NOT.)

“One of my patio stones looks like the Czech Republic.” (That’s true.)

“Single for LIFE!” (Well if your future boyfriend ever finds these, you will be.)

That’s it, the rest are way too embarrassing…


7 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?!”

  1. “Well if your future boyfriend ever finds these” HAHAHAHA isn’t it wonderful to stumble upon old stuff like that? I found my old diary recently, and oh. My. God.

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