What People Think Of Me

I don’t know if my readers have noticed yet but I’m really random, crazy, stupid, weird, and a maniac who should be an insane asylum. I talk about my weird life and people like it so I keep writing. But what you don’t know is what people think of me outside the blogging world.

(Yes…I know actual people.)

My Best Friends

They know everything about me. They’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Me without makeup in the morning :P.) And somehow they’re still around, so they must think I’m cool. That or a hypnotized them to become my best friends.

But what my best friends think all the time is pretty simple. They’re chill about my weird behavior and will do all my stupid crazy stuff with me.


My Acquaintances


I understand…

My Sisters

My sisters have mixed views on me. They live with me 24/7 so they have a lot have blackmail on me.

My older sister I’m pretty sure has no words to describe me. When she came home from the ER a couple days ago I asked a lot of questions, because I’ve never been a patient in a hospital (unless you count birth…) It went something like this.

Me: So…are there only cute doctors on the ER floor?

Older Sister: What?

Me: Are there only cute doctors on the ER floor?

Older Sister: No…why would you think that?

Me: Oh, they just seem to be all cute in the movies…

Older Sister: *facepalm*

Me: Did they make you take any medicine while you were there?

Older Sister: Yes Liv. They had me on an IV.

Me: *gasp* This is bad…

Older Sister: Why? *looks really concerned*

Me: Well…I watched a movie once where they killed the person using the IV bag. They put poison in it.

Older Sister: You watch way too much TV

Me: *nods*

I like to freak out my younger sister by acting weird on purpose. It’s quite fun. So she’s just always in shock and secretly wants me dead.

My Brothers

My younger brothers are awesome. You’d have to meet them to understand, I mean at times, they are really annoying but usually I love them.

My 12 year-old brother thinks I’m like this queen geek that knows all the answers to every movie question he asked. I’m afraid of the day where he realized I’m not a all-knowing source of geekiness. But every time he looks at me I’m afraid all he sees is this:

katy perry gif

My other brother is blunt with me. Only 4, and I go to him for a lot of things. For example, a couple months ago…

Younger Brother: Liv.

Me: *looks up from chocolate and coffee.* Yes.

Younger Brother: I don’t think you should eat all that chocolate.

Me: Why not?

Younger Brother: Because you will get fat.

Yeah…he reminds me that every time I eat. So I’m pretty sure he just thinks I’m really dumb. Dumber than him.

Jim Carrey 4

My Mom

My Mom is hilarious. She thinks I’m sort of writing genius. Destined for greatness. Talented. But I love her so I can’t make fun of her opinion.

My Dad

My Dad and I have this really weird relationship. We watch movies. 80’s usually. He teases me, I tease back. I tell him something genius, he just nods. He secretly thinks I’m his awesome child–I can feel it. A conversation between my Dad and I sounds like this.

Me: *turns on radio and A-Ha–an 80’s band–is on* Dad I could be the lead singer in A-Ha.

Dad: What?

Me: Yeah, I sound just like him when I sing and I sort of look like him.

Dad: Yeah, sure sweetie.

Me: I’m being serious Dad.

Dad: Whatever. You coming into the store?

Me: Are you going to buy me something?

Dad: You can buy yourself something.

Me: Nah, I’d rather perfect my A-Ha audition.

Dad: *winks* Ok.

He doesn’t ask questions. It’s nice. Just one-syllable answers.

And that felt like an eternity writing. Hopefully someone finds it funny.


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