Things You Should Know About Me: I Wanted To Be An Opera Singer

Now before you stop reading or make stereotypical remarks like, ‘weird homeschooler.’ I have to explain myself.

I was on YouTube when I was twelve when I stumbled across Jackie Evancho singing with her brother. It was like she cast a spell on me because I was obsessed with her after that.

And when I say obsessed, I mean I went to the extent of writing her a letter that said something along the lines of, ‘I think we would be great friends, and I can sing opera. Write me back when you get this.’ I watched her videos every day to the point I could sound like her, and talked about her constantly. (I apologize to my poor friends who had to endure me during this period in my life.)

I also should apologize to my neighbors who had to hear me sing opera. Yes, I sang in my backyard constantly. And once, my neighbor actually came out and politely–but you could tell she was annoyed–asked me to shut up.

Eventually, I realized that I was being weird. So I slowly moved done, and I moved to Celtic which was also a phase. Then to theater music, which I still love. But to be clear, I blame it all on Jackie and her bewitching brother.

And I can hit the notes in Phantom of The Opera so Jackie should have replied to my letter and we could have been an unstoppable duo. Who am I kidding, she’s annoying. I’d have left her after a while and became my own stellar act.


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