I’m Just Going To Shake It Off…

Not to be a Swiftie, but how else am I supposed to put it?

I can’t just revel in my mistakes. Not anymore.

There are a million more stupid mistakes (*cough* *cough* boys…) on the way–and I can’t have a mental breakdown every single time. Well I can, but I choose not to. Mind over matter.

I’m just going to shake and pray nothing bad happens. I mean my life is in shambles, and I’m scurrying around picking up pieces falling out of no where.

But I’m dancing. You should have seen me. My mom turns on her 80’s music and for the first time ever, I really just let it go, and shook off all my problems. I was out of breath for a while after that but my heart was happy.

I wanna thank all the people who supported me when I went through that weird breakdown. But I especially want to thank my best friend (you know who you are) for just making me laugh when she called me up on the phone. ❤ I love you.


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