About Me (Again)

My name is Liv—or at least on here it is because you don’t need to know my real name, because I bet a ton of you are stalkers out to grab me when I least expect it.

I’m fifteen, and I live with a large family in the Sunny (but really is just rainy) State. With both, anything can happen because they’re both really hard to predict.

I’m introverted so my hobbies are limited but I do enjoy Netflix, singing—when I’m alone because if I’m trying to show off I start cracking and I get pitchy, devouring every single book I can get my hands on, writing down my feelings and other stories, cooking delicious food—and if it’s not delicious I pretend it never happened—I’m a culinary genius, doing dangerous things like zip lining over a swamp, and of course inflatable jousting.

I like coffee, a lot. A lot more than the average person. I consume more coffee than everyone reading this post. I’m drinking coffee at this moment. I bet you’re not drinking coffee at this moment. I also enjoy a good cup of Earl Grey Tea with a touch of cream and no sugar. Mmm….

I also love chocolate. I mean nothing says ‘I love you’ better than chocolate. No—even better chocolate and coffee. (Take notes guys…)

I like thunder-storms, all that lightening and rain make me feel inspired and I write a storm. Wind in my hair, like I don’t care, that’s always fun—but I never look like a Disney princess. That’s disappointing. I like the sun. To certain degree, too much of it and I’m hissing and cursing the day I was born.

I am very much in love with every cat on the planet. None of them are evil. NONE. They all have their little individual personalities just like us. But my mom is allergic to cats so we don’t own any, but I have a large god-cat family. And when I move out I’m going to steal every single one and keep them for forever. (Whahahaha!!!) Just kidding I never mentioned that.

My favorite season is spring, because it’s the only season that involves rain, wind, sun, and blue skies where I live.

I have weird obsessions with libraries, antiques–especially a mint green Ford near my house that I will own one way or another (I’ve contemplated marriage,) coffee cups, dusty books, weird movies that no one watches, finding the perfect places–full of mysticism, naming trees, and History (especially gruesome wars.)

I love music–and I think it one of the best things God created. I love oldies from 40’s doo-wop to 70’s disco to 80’s rock to 90’s alterative. In today’s music I like mostly singer-songwriter and alternative, I love making fun of country and rap though.

I think I mentioned I like movies. I do. I like watching movies that people would never watch because then I ask them if they’ve watched them and they never have (bragging rights.) But I love classics (Forrest Gump, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Jurassic Park, etc.)  And new movies are amazing too. My favorite movies would have to be the Lord of The Rings. Great stuff.   

 That’s it for now. Peace. Out.  


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