The Liebster Award As Well…(OH MY GOSH!!!)

It’s a dream come true to be nominated. I mean imagine being sick and miserable from the flu, and then checking your email to find…BAM. An award. It made me want to find one of those confetti cannons and buy myself a large chocolate cake all for myself, turn up the radio and dance.

But enough about my stupid celebration…

Thank you again Alternative Sunny Days for nominating me once again. You must really love me because I don’t think my blog is that stellar.

The rules are:

1.) Thank the person who nominated you.

2.) Answer the ten questions asked of you.

3.) Nominate around ten other bloggers and create ten questions of your own. 🙂

Q&A with Alternative Sunny Days:

Q: If you could have one thing in the world—anything at all—what would it be?

A: Um…I would love to have a lot of things. Like unicorns to roam the earth or my dream guy to actually find me–that would nice but I think the one thing I’ve always wanted is to have a house on a cliff in Scotland or Ireland. It sounds zany, but if I could have anything it would be that.

 What’s your most embarrassing moment?

A: Being a really stupid, clumsy, girl, I’ve had a lot of embarrassing, stupid, moments that people usually only find in the movies. But it definitely has to be the time I accidently blew a kiss to a guy I knew…and then he told everyone.

Q: Have you ever cried—like, really SOBBED—because a fictional character was killed off?

A: I cry everytime one of my favorite characters die–Rudy Steiner would probably the worst one though, I was a mess. Depressed. Newt from The Maze Runner series was bad too, I screamed in the car. MY family was really worried. Finnick’s death took me off guard and I was in shock for a day. Rereading the same page for hours.

Q: Have you ever done a happy dance?

A: Uh huh. I’m getting into details…but I have and it’s not pretty.

Q: What’s the best buy you’ve ever made?

A: I have bought a lot of stuff. A pogo stick that I never learned to use. I Love Lucy tapes that I watch on replay at times. But I’ve never bought anything useful and that I’ve ever really loved. Usually the things given to me have more value.

Q: What’s your favorite Disney movie?

A: I love Disney movies. But Sleeping Beauty and Beauty And The Beast have always been my favorites. I can never decide the two.

Q: Are you part of any fandoms? If so, which one(s)?

A: Lord of The Rings, Star Trek, Sherlock, Disney, Once Upon a Time, and the list is too long to continue. I’m not too involved in all of them just Lord of The Rings really.

Q: What do you think about dress codes?

A: I’m fine with dress codes in moderation. Too strict of a dress code makes me angry at times, but a laid-back dress code that is easy to follow is fine.

Q: Do you have a favorite store?

A: Barnes and Noble is the best store around. And then Anthropology.

Q: Would you rather be able to fly or be able to teleport?

A: Of course I would rather teleport.

Nominations (It seems like everyone I know has been nominated so this will be short.)


Just A Dreaming Teenage Wallflower

Yup that’s it…I’m such a rule-breaker.

Now for some lovely questions:

1.) Why did you start your blog–and has it changed in you in any way?

2.) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? And why?

3.) Have you ever convinced someone to do something stupid?

4.) Would you rather live in the past, present, or future?

5.) Do people think your immature or mature for your age?

6.) What’s your favorite book and why?

7.) What is your favorite part of the day?

8.) Do you have a weird hobby?

9.) What is your favorite T.V. show?

10.) Have you ever broken someone’s heart?


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