Friendship Strengthed Through Letters

You see, I think that true friends have been through two things together. One, they’ve been through good times. The times that you can’t stop laughing and smiling. When you roll on the floor or dance for joy around your room. Two, they’ve gone through sad times. The times, where you hold each other close and cry together. Where you lie on a bed in silence next to each other.

People might not call, a boy liking you or getting a new book, a joyful moment, or they might not think, not getting a dance or moving away or fighting with your mom, a hardship. But to me, they count. All the little moments are everything to me.

Sometimes, I wonder what my life would be like without you dancing around in it. The person that I’ve confided in, that I’ve linked arms with (the only one who will.) Well, all I know is that it wouldn’t be quite as bright.

This was my first letter to my who was to become my best friend. It’s been two years since I wrote that, times I have changed, but what I wrote there hasn’t changed. Every now and then I’ll go back and read everything. I’ll read about our crushes, our failures, our fears, our moments of triumph, our embarrassing moments, our frustrations, our reflections, and sometimes a funny line. There are quotes, song lyrics, quirky sayings on every page. We address the hard things in life.

There was something she wrote me a couple months ago that filled me with such confidence in myself

I want you to know I will never, ever forget about you. No matter how different the directions are that life takes us, or how soon I find my true love, I will always remember Liv, the girl with the dreams in her heart and the stories in her head who was basically the only reason I made it through middle/high school. And, Liv your opinion means so much to me. I can’t even describe how much I value you. That’s why I tell you each and every little detail about me, because I know that you’ll always have my back and tell me what I need to hear, no matter if I want to hear it or not. And if I didn’t tell you straightforward, you would probably figure it out anyway. Honestly, at the moment, you probably know more about me then anyone else in the entire world. And remember, everyone is a little prejudiced at times. The only time it matters is when it gets in the way of something or someone. Then, it affects everyone. But you don’t do that. So I always come crying to you when my world is crashing down, and you’re always there. And you always give the best advice. You’ll never get in the way of my happiness, because you bring me happiness :).

What did you say that could lead to us not being friends? I could never not be friends with someone who writes me such amazing letters, who buys me Starbucks, who listened to me talk for hours upon hours on end about the boy who ended up breaking my heart, who helps me take baby steps toward a new love (no matter her feelings about him), who calls me up just to tell me about a new song, and who loves me no matter how annoying and bratty and downright rude I am. There’s something to be said about a friend who sticks beside you through all that and more, and I’m not gonna let her go.

There’s something about hearing how much someone loves you on a piece of paper. And really, I think I wouldn’t be this close to her without these letters. Because she and I will call each other looking for advice, but I just can’t give it to her. But as soon as I sit down to write her a letter the words flow right.

One time I wrote her something I can laugh about now…and I might use this quote still.

For future reference in a book I might write or maybe a famous quote, “I’ve been friend-zoned, stuck smack-dab in the middle of other friends, fading into the other hundreds of faces. Not important in any way at all.”

I’ve confided in her the only things I would need to survive if I was stuck on an island…

  1. Typewriter. I wouldn’t really need a computer, just something where I could write my thoughts.
  2. Books, tons and tons of books. I already can’t live without books but I know I couldn’t there.
  3. A cat. Just enough company to keep me sane.
  4. Paper and pens. Always a necessity for exploring and jotting down notes.
  5. Chocolate, for special days.

And how I will always be a kid at heart…

But I don’t think I’ll ever be a fully mature person. I’ll always like a Pegasus or Disney, skipping, I’ll always have an imagination filled with dreams, and I’ll always like swinging, or a good game of tag/hide-and-seek! I’ll always like roller-coasters, but also get scared before I get on. I’ll always love my stuffed animals, but I might not sleep with them anymore. Oh and comic books!

She knows me better than anyone else. And that’s what I love. I love how we have a bond through words.


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