Advice From A Teenager Who Shouldn’t Be Giving Advice

I got this idea from Alternative Sunny Days! Check out her post here. This advice is solely mine learned through trial and error.

1.) Never assume people are talking to you, because it might turn out that they weren’t and then you look completely ridiculous.

2.) Dancing like no one is watching never a good idea because it turns out everyone is watching and they might catch it on video. Then you’re viral for the wrong reasons. (Especially do NOT dance the whip because everyone you know calls you white girl. And you’re left thinking, ‘but I am white…’)

3.) You should never wear white shorts and hot pink underwear to go kayaking. Apparently there are holes in them where the water drains in, soaking you through, and you have to walk back to your room with your underwear showing. So just wear a bathing suit or be deadly afraid of kayaking for the rest of your life.

4.) There are companies that give away free stickers and once you order some you learn that you have a love for weird looking stickers, actually more like a obsession. Once you get your first sticker your life will not be the same.

5.) Audrey Hepburn movies are the best, and there is one for any mood you’re in. Sad, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Happy, Funny Face. I need to watch a musical, My Fair Lady. Devious, Charade or How To Steal A Million. Shoot em’ up, The Unforgiven. I think you get the point. If not…WATCH one.

6.) It is proven that chocolate is healthy for you. As long as it’s only a small amount every day. (Shoot.) And coffee is proven not to make you short. (Living proof: me.) So don’t be afraid to eat or drink them. They’re harmless in moderation.

7.) One way to feel single and free is riding your bike through a bunch a puddles with a good friend who is also single. Especially, if the bikes are stolen from your older sister.

8.) It’s never a good idea to make people feel self conscious, which is really easy. All you have to do is sit at a table in a public area and pretend to point, whisper, and laugh. It’s cruel.

9.) You shouldn’t try to impress a guy in front of his friends because it always backfires. Unless you’re really, really, chill.

10.) The electric chair was invented by a dentist which proves my point that they are EVIL!



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