Things You Should Know About Me: Robotic Responses

I’ve challenged to share things about myself each week. But not basic things like, ‘I like cats.’ That would be boring and altogether not challenging. No, I’m going to be sharing some deep and happy or sometimes probably embarrassing moments or things about me.

Robotic Responses

Small talk is one of my worst nightmares. Every time people ask me, ‘where are you from?’ or ‘how old are you?’ I know, those are great icebreaker questions, but they just seem to frustrate me.

They aggravate me so much, I have the tendency to robotically respond. For example:

Cashier: ‘How are you?’

Me: ‘Good.’

It doesn’t matter if I’m having the worst day. They only want to hear ‘good.’ If I told them. ‘I’m doing horrible. Thanks for asking, do you want to hear everything that’s gone wrong today?’ They’re going to shake their heads and move on with their days. So I just give them what they want a quick, ‘good.’

Now, this might not sound so bad, but I haven’t mentioned the times it has…backfired. The most horrendous would probably the one time at my church.

We have greeters at my church that greet you at the door with a smile and ask you how you’re doing. I love them. Don’t get me wrong. But sometimes when I’m in a hurry because I’m running late, I give them the robotic response. This one time, it was nice old lady who I had seen before around.

Old woman: ‘Hello!’

Me: ‘Hi!’

Old woman: ‘I love your dress.’

Me: ‘Good.’

I was mortified. I didn’t even realize I had said it. It just came out without thinking. She gave the weirdest look and I run away too embarrassed to explain my faults.

So I’ve learned to try not to use them, and it hasn’t happened since which is comforting. But who knows when I will mess up again.


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