What You Read Shapes Who You Are

As a reader, I’ve heard that my whole life. And I never realized the truth behind that statement before. Especially for me. Everything that I say, write, do, seems to be influenced by something I’ve read in my life.

I think a great reader is born at birth. A true reader knows that the book they hold in their hand is not just pages full of words, but a world that someone created, each character influenced by real people and by the author’s imagination.

My love for read started when it was taught to me by my Mom, and since then my love for books grows more and more. I’ll admit, I enjoy classics and fantasies more than anything but I’m willing to delve into any book given to me.

Some of the things I’ve done because of books are sometimes humiliating. Like staying inside to get ‘porcelain’ skin so I could be a proper lady. But if it wasn’t for books, I wouldn’t be talking the way I do, I wouldn’t be a dreamer, or talk to trees, and I wouldn’t have this blog.

I feel like every book I’ve read is held in some place in my heart, and every character has shaped me in some weird way. Anne Shirley is my number one book role model has taught me almost everything I know. Jo March has taught me to be myself through all trials. Elizabeth Bennett has taught me that people should love you for who you are. Katniss Everdeen has taught me to be brave for the people that love you. Lucy Pevensie taught me to believe in anything I want and let no one change my mind. Rudy Steiner (my most favorite boy role model) taught me to be a faithful friend until I die. And there are so many more.

So my question to you is what character from a book has shaped you?


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