V.B.S. Is One Of The Best Weeks Of My Life

V: Vacation. B: Bible. S: School.

I did it as a kid, the crafts, the singing, the Bible studies, the snacks, the laughs, the friends, the rec games out in the blazing sun. And when I aged out, I cried. Simply because I thought it was over, that I could never be apart of the experience again. But one year ago I learned I was wrong…

There. Was. Staff.

And this…has changed my life. Because no longer do I have a smile wide across me, but I get to make the smiles happen. I got 3rd grade, and it blessed me beyond measure. Being able to be a leader, a mentor, a friend, and for some family. With my other leader, we took on the large class and made them like our children. Him and I are still friends as well.

Sure there were moments where I was tired or discouraged, but at those moments someone would come up, hug me, and say how much they loved me.

This week I have the privilege of serving again at V.B.S. at my church with 2nd grade. It’s different than last year, but that’s one thing I love about V.B.S, it’s never the same. I’ve had some challenges this year like cutting my foot and limping around all day or being rejected by some kids, but it’s still been amazing. I’ve prayed these kids would have a wonderful experience, and I strive to give them that, because that’s what my staffers did for me.

I think the most adorable thing was when my class this year was giving me a group hug and we were passing the new 4th graders. And the 4th graders see me, and run over as well. Wide grins on each face, and I knew I had a family of little kids who looked up and respected me, but also thought I was funny and great to hang around.

I am cool 9th grade girls!!!

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