I Was Nominated For An Award, But I Can’t Accept

So…I’ve been neglecting my blog because I was at a media-free camp (which I will blog about eventually) but my fellow blogger Karen, was really super supportive and nominated me for the Liebster Award. But since I don’t 10 bloggers who are super cool and haven’t been nominated, I decided to just answer the questions she asked for fun!

1. What inspires you to be the best you that you can be?

To answer this question honestly, Jesus Christ. He is the perfect role model and I strive every day to be like Him, but I never can be because He was perfect. Also that and coffee, coffee makes me a better person, one cup at a time. (That sounds like a new commercial jingle Starbucks. 😉

2. Choose one life changing moment. What would it be and why?

Ugh, I have so many life-changing moments that it’s hard to pin just one down, but I think one would be this week at my camp. I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and apply for a job staffing at the camp. It may seem small, but oh my gosh, I cried and prayed so much before I finally put pen to paper. But since then…I’ve felt this weird sense of completeness.

3. Do you prefer paperback, hardcover, tablets, or e-readers? Tell me why! 😀

I hands down only read paperbacks and hardcovers, hardcovers are definitely the best. I think it’s because I was raised off of them, and all old antique books have cool hardcover covers that are just breathtaking. And they also get a wonderful smell that most people hate, after about a decade. 

4. If you could go back in time, what is one moment you would tell the “younger” you to avoid?

Being a child still…I think I can’t really tell myself anything. I’m not a angel, trust me, but I don’t think I’m qualified to give myself advice, and all my mistakes have made me who I am today, so I think I’d pass up the time machine.

  5. What is your all time favorite song?

*throws my hands up* WHY? This question is horrible, because who can pick one single song?! I can single it down to a list of ten. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift is really been my anthem this school-year because of it’s positivity and message. I’ve really had to ‘shake off’ some stuff and keep going.

6. You only get one meal to eat on a Friday. Would you eat healthy or go all in?

Being Southern, I don’t think being ‘healthy’ is in my vocabulary. So if I could have one meal it would be going all in with ham, biscuits, fried everything, and maybe some good ol’ greens and okra.

7. Who do you look up to and how did they make an impact?

Well besides the obvious parents and grandparents, probably my old Youth Pastor, I don’t how but somehow he’s just inspired me to be ‘me’ and that is so cliché but it’s helped me through a lot of struggled I’ve faced.

8. What has blogging done for you?

Blogging has become apart of me, I’ve always have had a hard time getting myself across to people, especially my weird opinions. It was actually my mom’s idea to start one and I jumped on board and since then if I have something to rant about I know there’s people who actually would love to hear and value my thoughts.

9. Do you have any favorite activities besides blogging? Please share! 🙂

Well I write a lot, poems, short stories, novels, blog posts, random quotes, but surprisingly I also I found out this week that I like inflatable jousting? WEIRD. Even I think it’s weird but I felt like a damsel in distress and everyone was fighting for me, which wasn’t true.

10. Describe your best childhood moment. Do you miss it?

I think my favorite memory would be this one time where me and my sister were playing ballerinas. We were doing pirouettes and leaps across our old houses green tile (it was emerald green and super pretty.) I remember we fell a couple times and laughed. Of course I miss it…being a ballerina was my three-year-old dream.

Thanks Karen for asking me these questions and I hope my answers were cool enough.


1 thought on “I Was Nominated For An Award, But I Can’t Accept”

  1. Yeess your answers were perfect! 😀 I love the meal, that sounds so good and #1 did sound like the jingle. That’s my motto too. haha Thanks for answering them.

    Liked by 1 person

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