Mommy, You’re Everything


You’re a taxi driver, encourager, a chef, teacher, dancing queen (when it comes to 80’s music of course.) You understand my dreams and you push me harder to become the woman God wants me to be.

You’ve taught me everything I know, how to love, work, laugh, read, write, cook, and of course, how to handle my life.

You’ve shared with me everything you know, life lessons that make me cringe or cry or laugh, you’ve shared the best music ever, you’ve given me countless advice on guys and how to deal with their personalities, but most importantly, you’ve shared and showed me how God has made such an impact on your life, and how much he’s changed you.

There are times where I’ve told you things that are hateful and hurt your feelings; because I forget the Iron Woman, who is my mom, has feelings too. And though, it looks like I mean those things, I really don’t. I regret all of them every single time I say them.

All the cards, sayings, smiles, laughs we’ve had, they’re in my heart (and the cards are in my special memory drawer.)

I know one day, I’m going to wake up far away from home, and I’ll miss you. But at least you’ll answer my constant phone calls asking for advice or just fashion tips.

Mommy, you’re everything I need. Now, later, and even when you’re dead and gone, you’ll be everything to me.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally through everything.


Your not very perfect daughter


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