I Sat And Cried

I sat in my room, the Taylor Swift music fading to the background. I hugged my knees and sat on the carpet. My tears dripped and whimpers tried to drown out Taylor entirely but she always won with her, “All you has to was STAY!” Black tears, my mascara washing away, slid onto my white shirt and knees. I felt alone.

I sat in my living room. Forrest Gump standing there, saying the saddest things I had ever heard in his innocent manner. Rudy from The Book Thief dying in the corner, I was crying with Liesel. Up leaving me sobbing in the span of fifteen minutes. I felt connected.

I sat in my sister’s closet and sobbed into the phone, my friend on the other line. Apologizing and wishing I had a T.A.R.D.I.S. to make everything better. My hair hung in my face and the tears made it damp. I felt small.

I sat on my rooftop. The night sky black, no stars at all. I sang opera, a tear dropped out of the corner of my eye. A tear of joy. My neighbor came out and asked me to please be quiet. So I sat there, soaking up the wind and I felt…complete.


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