Disney: Turning Classic Movies Into Live Action Movies…Good Move Or Not?


It started with Maleficent, turning one of my favorite movies of all time, Sleeping Beauty into a totally different story. For one, they changed the plot, making the antagonist (one of the best.) into a misunderstood protagonist. I mean, Maleficent clearly was meant to be the evil villain, her name even is a root word for the Devil.

Look at that devilish grin guys…

In Sleeping Beauty, you see her turn into the amazing dragon, and Prince Phillip defeats her, but in Maleficent, her crow turns into the dragon…um is it just me or is that super contradictory. And another thing that is contradictory, the pivotal scene where Prince Phillip awakes Aurora with the kiss. They changed it. Maleficent gets the honors, winning in girl-power. Seriously Disney, changing a classic, one of the last princess movies Walt Disney made into something so different. You should be ashamed…

But anyways, Cinderella overall was a much better rendition of classic. Managing to not tweak the plot so much that I gritted my teeth in disgust. With an all-star cast, and actually making the villain, Lady Tremaine my favorite character, the Prince right behind.

Lady Tremaine had more depth, all the characters did. You found a liking for some that were just backdrops in the cartoon. And that folks, is what I was expecting from a live-action. Everything was just beautiful, I thought I was literally dying in my chair and hope to own the movie when it comes out. (And another great thing is that they didn’t change pivotal scenes just added depth. Example: The dress change scene, she asked to keep the her mother’s dress on, so the fairy-godmother just made it bit different and altogether beautiful.)

I looks almost exactly like this guys.
I looks almost exactly like this guys.

The first two live-actions, one good, one terribly bad. I think Disney should continue their endeavor to make the live-action movies out of their most popular cartoons, but they need to remember to do what they did in Cinderella. Add depth, not change the basis of childhood memories! So as Beauty and The Beast (my favorite princess movie) comes closer and closer, I’m a little scared. Will it become a classic like the cartoon or be cast off in shame? I’m hoping for the best. *crossed fingers*

But really, what do you think? Should Disney stop in their tracks or continue?


4 thoughts on “Disney: Turning Classic Movies Into Live Action Movies…Good Move Or Not?”

  1. OMG!! i was there at the theater with you and you totally did die in your chair when the fairy godmother changed Cinderella’s dress! it was an awesome movie overall and with you next to me it made it hilarious!

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  2. You had me at Disney! I love DIsney! I agree though, live-action is great as long as they don’t mess up the story. I want to see Cinderella. So far my favorite live-action is Snow White and the Huntsman. 😀 I wonder what Beauty and the Beast would look like? Who would be the Beast?! Will they do Pocahontas too? Gosh Disney! lol

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    1. The Beast is being played by Dan Stevens and I don’t know if they are doing Pocahontas…but they have confirmed that they will be doing Mulan.

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