Why Theaters Need Intermissions Still

When I sit down in the movie theater for a two hour or longer movie, it’s usually a movie I’ve been talking about for weeks and I am super excited for, but when I’ve sat in my chair for about an hour, my back starts to hurt, I need to go to the bathroom, my drink and popcorn needs a refill–the killer thing is, the movie was just getting good and leaving is like, the rush, rush, rush feeling. Voices in my head telling me, “Hurry it up!” or, “Liv, you’re missing something direly important! You need to get back.” It’s the most nerve-racking feeling in the world.

But just for a second, imagine a world, where intermissions still existed…

It even looks cool!!

The first time I saw an intermission, I was like…that’s the end of the movie? Worst ending ever! It was because intermissions¬†were gone and forgotten, and I had never heard of one. When my mom explained it to me, I thought it was a cool concept. Giving people a chance to stretch their legs, refill their popcorn, etc.

The real reason for intermissions in the beginning was the chance to switch movie reels, but it also provided the very nice break for the audience. The reason why they were taken away from us…because the movie theaters learned that they could make more money by taking away this. Aggravating right?

That is why we need to bring back intermissions, there’s really no reason not to!


1 thought on “Why Theaters Need Intermissions Still”

  1. During a good movie I am the same way when I have to exit for 5 minutes! All those thoughts run through my head as well. I think they don’t do intermission anymore for money purposes as well as we live in a society now where people can “fake” exiting the theater just to go ran-sacking the place, being a thief and stealing things from bags. I also think that it is because people will probably not sit down as quick or in the same seats! But I do like the idea of a quick pause for the bathroom break! haha

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