Excerpt From My Childhood: My Fourth Birthday

As my birthday approaches, I’d thought I would share the most vivid of all my birthdays. My fourth birthday.

When I was four, life was simple, I was cute, I was smiley, and I loved rainbows and sunshine. But life wasn’t as simple on my birthday. About a week or two before my birthday, we moved into a new house (the one I live in now.) I had no friends, except for my siblings, which meant no friend-birthday, which lowered my spirits, but not too much.

The day came and nothing really unusual happened, until my Dad got home from work. He had bought me a Starbucks cookie. It was a butterfly with pink wings and intricate details in the frosting. If you can’t imagine my reaction, just think of a little girl smiling as wide as she could and then biting off the cookie and licking the frosting off her teeth.

When I finished the cookie, my parents revealed my birthday gift, a play-table. It was of those from Target. It looked sort of like this.

16619419Personally, this gift surpassed everything I had ever gotten before, and the table held together through my many tea-parties, drawing sessions, and so forth.

I also got my first tea-set, which set me on the path of actually trying to collect them for many year. I actually still have some of them, including my Butterfly Garden Tea-Set which I still break out every spring for some good tea. Tea was my life for a while if you can’t tell.

The next part of the evening, my parents asked where I wanted to go to dinner. And the first thing my four-year-old self says is, “T.G.I. Fridays!” I really don’t even know why I wanted to go there, I had never been before. Maybe it was commercials on T.V or something.

So of course, my parents took me there, even though I can still see the grimaces on their faces. Let’s just say, we never ever went there again. All I remember really were the fried, heartburn-heaven, cheese-sticks (those will always be with me) and the earth-worm cups. (For those of you who think it’s actual dirt, it’s really just Oreos, chocolate, and gummy worms. Super delicious.) Some employees and my family sang happy birthday, and it was over. My birthday was over. I went to bed and my parents probably were wondering still why I had picked that restaurant.

I don’t why of all birthdays this one stuck with me the most. The table is long gone, scratched and the pink paint chipping away and then finally it breaking. The tea-set is also gone, broken piece-by piece until all was left was the tea-pot and that broke too after I tired to keep it safe from grabbing hands. The T.G.I. Fridays closed down and it’s a vacant lot now, but this birthday is imprinted in my mind. I know I will never ever forget it.


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