People No Longer Confuse Me

Every day I encounter people, whether I want to or not. The librarian, a friend, a sibling, or even a cashier at a store. I try to look each of them in eyes, but when I do, I just want to know. What is going through they’re mind? Were they excited, aggravated, or just bored? In love, out-of-love, or broken?

People, billions of people, and don’t even know a quarter of them. Each have separate lives, and sometimes they run into somebody they know, but what are the chances? And what are the chances you’re just going to run into someone important to you unless you live in a dinky town? I know, I hardly run into friends.

I think my fascination with people’s habits started when I was eight or nine, I was in the car with my Mom and we driving to a store, as I watched the cars pass, and people with different personalities rolled past me, I realized, how small I was-am. I wanted to see into everyone of their lives, to live like them for a day. From that day forward, I always watched for interesting characters and I made sure to make sure they didn’t notice my particular interest. I started noticing eye color and nervous habits. Weird huh? Not to me.

I was like:


Being a writer, I love observing the people around me, especially if I don’t know them, that makes it more interesting because then I can try to guess their habits, lives, and personalities. Sometimes I make absolutely crazy ones that could never be true, but it was worth a shot, and who knows, maybe one is an undercover spy who loves someone so much they stalk them.

I’ve always thought if I made a friend, we would have everything in common but we hardly do. For example, my best friend and I, when I first met her thought had almost everything in common, style, movies, music, boys, but as I get to know her more and more every day, that there are so many things that we don’t have in common. We don’t watch half of the same movies, we don’t eat the same things (except chocolate, coffee, and junk food.) It’s just that no two people are going to be exactly the same, it’s just not physically possible.

How can we tell who others are? We can’t. We can’t tell them they’re how they’ll live their lives or what they’ll become. They may be the next inventors, scientists, actresses/actors, or writers. How could we tell if they are going through a hard time, if they’re in love with somebody, if they have a secret crush, if there’s no more money? Unless they tell us personally, we can’t know anything indefinitely.

I know I’m a person, and they probably ask about me in their minds also, I wish I was an open book and people could look at me immediately and know who I am, what I like, etc, but they can’t.

So I’m happy to say people no longer confuse me because I realize, I just can’t understand everyone, and it makes me feel like I’ve lifted a weight off my shoulders.


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