Crushes…and How I Cope

Whenever I fall in love, I somehow always make the rookie mistake of thinking they’re the ‘one.’


Except I refrain from touching their hands. That would be awkward…

To shed some light for you guys, I’m going to introduce them, and hope you don’t make the same mistakes as me and tell you just exactly how I cope with each.

The Jerk


He was bedazzling, and I didn’t even really know him. I maybe watched him from a distance, and maybe Facebook stalked him for like months. The point is, he had me blinded and I couldn’t see that he was a total jerk, mean to everyone, even me.

When people ask me about him sometimes, I make the whole shh face going in the inside…


I regret him, because he made me cry multiple times, but now it’s over.

The Sweet One


I really did love him. He was so nice and actually talked to me. (That was a first.) We had some great moments but I still think he didn’t love me back. I realized, over time, that I would rather be his friend than in any type of relationship with him, so silently, I switched over, and we’re pretty close. Sometimes, I wonder if I made the right decision but I know I did because of him…

The Indescribable One


I’m still here actually, crushing on the indescribable one. He’s charming, dashing, funny, teasing, and altogether amazing. I freeze up and can’t talk still around him, but I have hope that this one will work out. That maybe, just maybe I can end my list of crushes here with him.

A lot of people don’t like him, but I can’t see anything wrong with him really. Maybe because I’m blinded. But a lot of people do like him. Confusing.

We don’t really have a lot in common but opposites attract, right? Probably not, that was just someone in the same situation as me.


But how do I cope? Lots of chocolate and coffee…

That and my amazing best friend, who is always encouraging me not to give up or give in.

The jerk and sweet one, well they’re still in my heart and when I see them, I sometimes get shivers or pangs in my heart, but then I remember the indescribable one and I know…even though I remember the other two, my heart really belongs to him.


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