My Obsession With Coffee and Chocolate…and How I Feed It.

Like most women, I have an absolute crazy obsession with chocolate. I mean, I can hardly go a day without gorging my face with some. And then there’s coffee and I feel like Lorelei Gilmore and I need coffee 24/7.


It doesn’t help that I gain weight and she seems to stay the same throughout the seasons, but that’s the magic of theater for you.

It seems every time I turn on the T.V, they’re always drinking coffee or having something chocolate. Especially when I watch the cursed cooking channels. There is one I’ve found called, Kevin Dundon’s Back to Basics. In one episode he tempted me to try jumping into the T.V. He made everything chocolate, and I wanted to become a professional chef and make all of them. Well I couldn’t, one, because it was too late and most of my family was asleep, and two, I’m too lazy. If you would like to check out his recipes, you can go to his website: Make one and tell me how delicious they are.

But one of the best places on earth is Starbucks. I absolutely love going there and soaking in the smell of coffee beans, and just enjoy the great atmosphere. I usually get a iced coffee or a latte, but on special occasions, I like to treat myself with a Java Chip Frappuccino

And I love getting a great barista, like once I had a guy who propped up his elbow on the counter and said to me, “What will it be.” I absolutely loved that. It was casual and super nice. I felt bad though because he got me and I know I stumbled a couple times in pure shock of the whole thing.

I’ve always felt that if I was stuck in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I would have the same fate as the fat kid (I can never ever remember his name.) Which is scary because that means I am such a sucker when it comes to it.  But really, what woman wouldn’t dive into a river made of pure chocolate, I mean why didn’t a girl have that part in that movie, it would have made so much more sense that way.

But how do you contain the chocolate and coffee madness you may be asking yourself. Well it’s simple, you don’t. If you try not to eat chocolate or drink coffee, it’s all going to come back and haunt you. You’re going to gorge yourself more than you ever did before. Trust me, been there, done that, and never ever doing it again. Plus, I get a super smashing headache if I don’t drink coffee, which is apparently called caffeine withdrawal. And it stinks.

But maybe, you could cut some of the chocolate consumption down, and not be Lorelei with the coffee. 🙂

So…go get that coffee, get a chocolate bunny in preparation for Easter, and relax, because it’s o.k. to love that stuff, just don’t take it to the extreme where you eat it like it’s going out of style, because it’s not. Women will always love these two things, especially combined.


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