A Dreamer’s Thoughts On: Love

I may only be 14, but I like to think that I have some experiences with the heart. Some I’ve felt, some I’ve watched, and others I have heard. Women all make the mistake of thinking that Love is some big fairytale with princes and white horses and trust me, how I dream it would be true. I’ve always wanted a real life Prince Phillip (because he sings, dances, fights dragons, and he definitely has the hair. Did I mention also that he’s gorgeous?) My friend asked me once why fairytales couldn’t be true love stories, but that’s when I realized, that these stories, these Disney Princess movies, are real.

You have to think of it like this:

Belle had to learn to the ugly Beast.

Cinderella thought love was only for one night.

Aurora had to go with her instincts.

Ariel changed herself and left everything she knew for love.

Pocahontas had to let go.

Rapunzel had to unlock the one she loved.

Anna loved two people at once.

Mulan had a major crush on a boy who didn’t even notice her.

And then the Princes had it worse…

Beast had to watch Belle hate him for the longest time.

Prince Charming thought he had lost her.

Phillip had to rescue Aurora from evil.

Eric wasn’t sure if she was the girl of his dreams.

John Smith had to say goodbye.

Flynn had to sacrifice himself for her.

Kristoff had to watch Anna talk about her ‘true’ love while his love grew for her.

Shang-well, he doesn’t really have problems. He’s oblivious.

Love isn’t a fairytale, it’s learning from fairytales and applying them to the real world.

We can learn from fairytales after all. Take that people who say I’m weird, I can glean from kid movies.

But really Love is her own thing, her own creature, she has a mind of her own. She can either want you or turn her back to you. She likes to be your friend but then at the same time stab you in the heart. I know, she’s vicious at times, but really, she only has good intentions. She just wants you to meet the right person, at the right time.  

So in the end, may the odds be in your favor, and love carry you in her arms.

Note: I call Love a female because knowing females, that is all she could be in her cruel, gossipy, way.


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