Geeky Introverts At Their Best

People are always confused by geeky introverts, they think we are a bunch of weird, antisocial people, and there are even some that think we are stuck-up and rude, which is so far from the truth of the matter, maybe we just don’t like you. *Gasp*  We can be weird though, but weird in a good way. We hardly rock, especially in public, where we usually stick to our corners and books.

But there are those times where we rock, especially on the internet. We rule the internet like kings and queens, and we like to claim it as our domain. So…in honor of my geeky friends, I’d like to share some of my fellow geeky introverts genius and some of my favorite memes by them.

(And just a reminder, we are human beings, obsessive, weird, human beings. <3)




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