Rainy Days

It’s a cold, dreary, rainy, day in Florida. These days are my favorites, the grass seems greener, the air smells cleaner, the sky is a touch overcast, and the rain falls slowly, dripping and making that lovely sound.  On days like this, I sit outside on the swing with my coffee or tea, and watch it fall.

Rainy days have a special effect on the world. Most people hate them, but others like me, just love rain, because it brings a bunch of great side-effects. I can read when it rains and nobody is bugging me about going outside or anything. I can have marathons of my favorite television show. I can write, because rain brings inspiration. And after a good rain, I can go splash in puddles, because I like puddles…a lot.

Sometimes I take the umbrella when it’s drizzling, go outside, and start singing, Singing in the Rain, while dancing with the umbrella. Other times, I drink the rain by standing outside, and having my mouth open. And I love twirling around in the rain or getting caught in it. Maybe someday, I’ll be kissed in the rain, which would be amazing…because rain makes every magical. I mean, it’s like earth fairy-dust or something, it even looks like glitter sometimes for goodness sake.

We’re blessed beyond belief in our weight in rain or as I call it fairy-dust. Especially in February and March in Florida. My parents complain about it because they drive, but really it has the most charming effect on the road and windows. The puddles leave reflections of the cars everywhere, and I play the game of which drip on the window can reach the bottom first, which is actually really fun.

I believe rain can effect everyone in a good way. Either if you didn’t want to go to that really annoying person’s party or you just wanted to cuddle with a blanket and a book.

me when I get outside in the rain...
Standing in the rain, looking ominous is cool too…

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