coat pockets

i wear my heart on the inside of my coat pockets

so you can never hurt me

unless i let you in

and i cannot help but need you to keep warm. 



an excerpt from my up-and-coming poetry volume. 




I just wanted to share that I’ve started on the process of self-publishing. And, I would love feedback from more experienced writers and also some advice.

Also, support is always appreciated and to the 530 who follow me, I will need that. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, and maybe if I convince you buying my book when it comes out.

Thank you! And stay lovely!




when this song plays

and I’m watching a romantic comedy with herbal tea

I swear you’re next to me 

let me tell you I’m agitated today

let me tell you I looked at five jobs today, so I could get to you

I write you love sonnets in my head; never for your ears to hear

my insides are torn and washing in a continuous rinse cycle

the definition of agony is distance between you and me





it’s hard not to drown in the bittersweet chocolate and you’re mine sentiments

 she reminds me that this day is more than for men

with a care package, and I wish she was here

so we could spend it together

we could make tea and watch classic noir films

so I nibble at my chocolate and look at my polaroid of heart hands

and smile softly, because we’re galentines after all.

happy valentine’s day. 


I’m waiting–I’m still here–counting days, weeks, months.

They tell you to move, please don’t. I know I have no control, but you said yourself we’re not a hit and run.

I keep talking to my dark room at midnight. I tell you about my friends and how hard the last few months have been.

I’m trying to remember what you smell like. I think it was a salt-water and a laundry detergent. I loved it though.

I love everything about you. People told me I would be over by now, but I’m far from that. I think I love you more.

I would give anything to hear your voice say, it’s okay. 

We were are in love.

We are going to make it; no matter how hard they try to break us apart.

Happy Valentine’s Day. 


I was corrupted from a young age to believe in myself

and I used to

when I awarded participation trophies

and was told I could do amazing things


fast forward to high school

participation is a pretty word for loser

for not good enough 

and the amazing things you were going to don’t seem not to matter


bloom or die

succeed or surrender

get a good score on your ACTs and SATs

and maybe you’ll make it


our generation is ‘entitled’ and ‘lazy’ the older ones sneer

when they raised us to believe we could do anything

and stole that confidence away

we didn’t make participation trophies, they were handed to us.