kind of person

you’re the kind of person who i want to hear on the regular

the kind i change the radio stations constantly for

and the kind who listens to beach reggae

but changes it for me because i love soft indie

and the kind who treats me right because you think i’m special

and laugh at me when i try to convince you i’m not

(that’s the kind of person i fall in love with more and more) 


once loved me

to all the ones who once loved me:

thank you for building me up compliment after compliment

only to decide to leave

i know true love now is not found in words

but in actions

and your eyes were always watching the exit sign

some lessons are painful 


concept: on my eighteenth birthday; if i could.

i would take a road trip somewhere with a few of my friends and bring our favorite songs.

we would stop for coffee at unknown places. we would raid the local stores for crazy merchandise.

finally, i think i’d like to stop at the beach at sunset. we could make a bonfire and bundle under blankets. we would stargaze and tell jokes.









hardwood scars.

accidental pen scratches on the
birth marks of our
my mother told me life was not my
and that relationships hardly ever

i’m coming to the end of
am i supposed to ask for
i seem to have left no
but no one ever wants to

i etch more memories in the
does that make them
i am not ready for
even though it’s not