counting the stars.

Mom drives the rental car on a midnight Saturday. I lean my head out an open window, and count the stars, one, where are you, two, the stars are brighter here, three, is that Orion, or is that you? We sped along, and I gaped at Orion. I traced his belt with my hand, and [...]



i've never quite fit in, i've always felt taped into reality from a separate page, i fill my mind with ideas, ethics, quotes, artwork, culture, and i enjoy brightly colored sweaters and folk music, simple things; the smell after it rains, noir movies, and wildflowers. for some reason, my bed is always unmade and my [...]

emotional wreck.

"I am an emotional wreck," I said when my life felt it was falling into pieces. Nothing seemed right. My emotions were rampant, and I didn't know if I was feeling one without feeling another. "My emotional wreck." He responded. I knew he didn't know the half it; that he didn't understand the fractures and how I reset [...]